Our qualified instructors have a combined 100 years of coaching experience.

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Pure Momentum was founded in 2013 by JonPaul “JP” Reed. JonPaul has been an athlete all his life and truly understands the benefits of participating in sports. The leadership skills that he learned as a top level High School Quarterback, and the persistence he gained growing up playing basketball and becoming a renowned basketball star, has made him an ideal role model. JP found his love for baseball early-on and went on to become a professional baseball player playing in the American Association and the Pecos League.

Pure Momentum is an organization that specializes in the development and exposure for student athletes, along with equipping our young men and women with the social skills needed to be leaders and well-rounded productive members of society. We accomplish this goal through a combination of intense specialized training sessions, experienced and passionate staff who understand that positive reinforcement is the key to motivating young people to succeed, and events that are aimed at getting our athletes exposure and allowing them to compete against the best competition possible. Our program is centered around consistency and devotion to getting better each day. Pure Momentum offers training in a variety of sports for all ages and genders.